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Introduction – Dental treatment that is close to the people of the community. –

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Introduction – Dental treatment that...

The mouth is the gateway of food into the body, and its condition has a significant impact on overall health.

However, dental treatment and oral care for physically disabled patients and patients with disabilities require special attention and care.

There are dental clinics in Japan that are committed to providing dental care for such patients.

This dentist carefully treats elderly patients with oral frailty (weakening of oral functions), patients with swallowing difficulties, or disabled pediatric patients. In their treatment rooms, there are Osada units.

This OSADA Expo Summer will introduce you about dental clinics that are committed to the health and ultimately the lives of the people in the communities.

We also introduced the Japanese summer tradition of Hanabi fireworks.

Please put Japan on your list of potential future travel destinations.

▲ Continue to respond unflinchingly to the needs of people, including feeding and swallowing rehabilitation of children and people with disabilities.
▲ A family dentist who is responsible for treatment of patients until the end of their lives.
▲ Welcome to Japan!- Hanabi fire work –
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